Members and friends, welcome to our website! We are a vibrant, friendly and varied group of almost 200 quilters and quilt artists who have been sharing quilts, talent and camaraderie for quite awhile now. We are now entering our 31st year. There are monthly meetings, most of them with special speakers, quilt related activities, show and tell, etc. We have quilt shows every other year, and lots of quilt-ins, challenges, round robins, and community service projects, along with an impressive library for our members - something for everyone! As you navigate this website, you will see some of our work, see our schedule, and share our accomplishments. If you are interested in quilting, please join us the first Thursday of the month for our Guild Meeting. We love to meet visitors and will make you feel at home!

Quilt Show

Travels of the Opportunity Quilt

 For those of you who would like to see our Opportunity Quilt, here is a picture of it. And for those who would like to purchase opportunity tickets to win the quilt, take a look below the quilt to see where we will be traveling with our quilt.

Please visit us at one of these locations to view the quilt and to purchase opportunity tickets. Who knows, you might just have the winning ticket come November!

July 15, Saturday, Chico Farmer's Market, downtown, 7:30-1pm

August 13-18, Sunday-Friday, Zephyr Cove Quilt Retreat, Lake Tahoe

August 19, Saturday, Chico Farmer's Market, downtown, 7:30-1pm

September 11, Monday, Chester Quilt Guild meeting, 6:30pm

September 16, Saturday, Chico Farmer's Market, downtown, 7:30am-1pm

September 17, Sunday, Durham Harvest Festival, 9am-4pm

September 29 & 30, Friday, Saturday, North State Quilt Jamboree, Red Bluff Community Center, 1500 S. Jackson St., Red Bluff,  9am-5pm

October 21, Saturday, Chico Farmer's Market, downtown, 7:30am-1pm

2017 Quilt Show Information

We are starting to gear up toward our 2017 quilt show and in that vein, we are needing folks to help out by signing up for the various committees. Our goal is to make our next show even better than the last. A list of the positions open for guild members to take advantage of will be coming soon. We will be listing the locations and times of where the new and fantastic 2017 Opportunity Quilt will be so you can purchase tickets to win - just like Alice of Magalia did in 2015!

2017 Vendor Information

We are now requesting Vendors to apply for our quilt show November 4 & 5, 2017. Please read the attached vendor letter and then fill out the vendor application and mail it in. We'd love to have you at our show. Vendors are a very important part of a quilt show. The more vendors there are at a quilt show, the more attendees there are at a quilt show. So do all quilters proud and sign up to share with us.