Members and friends, welcome to our website! We are a vibrant, friendly and varied group of almost 200 quilters and quilt artists who have been sharing quilts, talent and camaraderie since 1981. There are monthly meetings, most of them with special speakers, quilt related activities, and show and tell. We have quilt shows every other year, and lots of quilt-ins, challenges, round robins, and community service projects, along with an impressive library for our members - something for everyone! As you navigate this website, you will see some of our work, check out our schedule, and share our accomplishments. If you are interested in quilting, please join us the first Thursday of the month for our Guild Meeting. We love to meet visitors and will make you feel at home!


BOM—Block of the Month
Each month a packet is sold for $2.00 which includes a pattern and fabric to assemble a quilt block. The pattern is yours to keep. Return the quilt block to enter a drawing of the quilt blocks for that particular month. There are generally enough blocks sold each month to make a nice quilt, or sometimes a table runner. It's a fun way to experiment with new patterns and fabrics.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Gingrich, Sue Juanarena, or Frieda White.


Annie's Star Quilt Guild began distributing quilts to those in need in 1987.  Since that time services to the community have evolved to serve a wide variety of groups. During the year 2009, over 200 quilts were donated as were a like number of place mats.

Major recipients are children in a variety of need situations. Young children in shelters such as Catalyst or Family Services, Foster children, now teens, leaving the system to go into independent living. Shriner's Children's Hospital and special requests dealing with family tragedy or natural disasters. In addition small 'cuddle' quilt contributions are given to fire and police departments to take to emergencies.

Other regular recipients are senior citizens in nursing homes or those that are home bound. These are distributed by services agencies in the community. Community Service also does place mats for seniors receiving Meals on Wheels. 

The most recent projects for Community Service are Pillowcases for the children in the cancer unit at Sutter Memorial along with Heart Pillows for the children who have had heart and other surgeries. The children's eyes light up when they realize that pillowcase or heart was made specially for them.

Donations from community service

Our workday was a huge success!!!  Look at all the people who came to make the dolls and heart pillows come to life!  Thanks to the following ladies for spending time on Sunday, Feb 5t doing this:
 LEFT to RIGHT:  Connie Adams, Carol Golden, Stephanie Erickson, Kay Tucker, Nancy McCartney, Heather Sousa, (Carol Golden’s daughter who stuffs dolls at home with grandchildren Maya and Megan), Char Miller, Marian Hansen, Linda Austen, Nancy McBeen, Judy Johnson, Melba Welsfry, and Pam Bush.      It takes a village.  We finished early too!  Not pictured are Ria Poldervaart and Stella Nelson and a new member Jill Thommen.  Big thanks to everyone.  Next step is to get the dolls and pillows to the children at the hospital.  We finished 17 heart pillows and 40 dolls!!  Good job ASQG and friends. 
If you would like to participate in the future sessions, here are the dates we have scheduled for the rest of the year:  Sunday May 4th 1-4pm, Wednesday September 27th 10-1pm, Monday November 6th 1-4pm all held at the classroom at Cathy’s Sew and Vac/Honey Run Quilters.

Thank you all for your continued support and hard work in making the pillowcases.  There were 24 turned in at our last guild meeting. 
Just a reminder that all pillowcases that you return to us must be washed and put in a clean plastic bag.  Please do not use any scented products.  This is all in consideration of the children’s compromised immune system.  We always appreciate the return of the plastic bags we send the kits in to you. 
New people interested in trying to make the ‘burrito’ style pillowcases, Cassy always has the directions at our table at guild meetings.  Also you can google it online – U tube has great videos to see them made.

 North Quarter Rep
The North Quarter is up to two representatives from each guild in the northern California area that meet 4 times per year. They talk about events their guild is participating in and any important information to quilters or guilds everywhere. Each representative writes a few paragraphs about what their guild is doing and a few weeks before the quarterly meeting a newsletter is sent out. Each meeting is hosted by a different guild. That guild decides where we will have lunch in their town.

Our North Quarter representative is Sue Good.

Ways and Means
Fellow quilters, this committee is currently open and awaiting chair people. Help your guild out and sign on for some fun.

Some of our committees this year have openings. If you are interested, please see our President about signing up. It would be great to have all of them filled.