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Friday, February 2, 2018

Barbara Eikmeier: Sashing Solutions

We had a great meeting with Barbara Eikmeier, who gave her program "It's All in the Sashing" -- in which she starts off with simple types of sashing and works her way through to a wide variety of sashing solutions.  If you are looking to lighten up a set of blocks that feel heavy, make a random set of blocks live together in harmony, or produce interesting secondary patterns, there is a sashing method to suit!  Eikmeier teaches these skills in a Craftsy class, and she is also planning a book.

Barbara also turned out to be a local!  Although she is now based in Kansas City, she grew up in Willows and actually co-owns the Quilt Corral.  Check out her designs at her website, Barb's Favorites.

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