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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Start of a New Year

Here it is, the start of a New Year. And Annie's Star Quilt Guild is ready to start with an amazing talent, and, one of our 'own' members.

Thursday, January 7, Phyllis Cullen will be back with us to dazzle us with what she's been doing since she moved away. She served as president of our guild and we are super happy to welcome her back to speak and share her talents. She will be thrilled to know that so many have come to see her. Her show & tell will delight those who've not seen her work and those of us who have seen her work, are hoping for some new, not seen by us, quilts along with their stories.

The workshop that Phyllis is doing is on Fabric Portraits and it's a 2 day class that's full. Before you ask, yes, she does do portraits with fabric rather than paint. Her work is amazing and those who are signed up for the workshop are getting more and more excited to get started.

We will continue on with an amazing line up of guest speakers and teachers. We have lined up for the guild's pleasure, and yours should you join us, Carrie Fondi, Sandra Bruce, Anelie Belden, Lura S-Smith, Queenie Quilts, Cara Culati, Rob Appell, and Don Linn. While they may not all be your personal favorites yet, we think they will become your favorites. And as we find out what the guild meeting lecture will be, and the workshops, we will post them.

So join us as we present this amazing schedule of speakers who also do a fantastic job of teaching us the tricks of the trade. Sometime they come up with ideas that we haven't thought of and we decide it works better than the way we've "always done it".