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Saturday, June 13, 2015

August speaker is Lynn Wilder

We have Lynn Wilder coming in for our guild meeting in August. She is offering a one day workshop and the price is a bargain! In a recent email with our Vice President Kelly she wrote the following:

Hi Kelly,
Good to hear from you. I'm really looking forward to my visit to Chico in August and returning for the show in November.
In answer to your question, I don't really have a sample of a quilt that I made for the class. It is a technique class without an end product. I put this post together in May on my blog about Patchwork Math. This really explains what it is all about. I taught it in Yuba City last week to a great group of quilters. One of them said she felt "empowered" after taking the class. I think that is a good way to explain it. I introduce a new component and explain the formula every hour. Everyone will become a mathematician and no longer be afraid of quilters math by the end of the day. They will make tons of components that can be used in blocks. They will learn how to re-size the components to create interesting sashings and borders. They will learn how to dissect a block down to the smallest component, and then be able to re-create that block on their own, any size they want. They will learn A LOT!
I begin filming again for The Quilt with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims in July. They were so impressed with Patchwork Math, that I'm filming 5 short segments which will be in their classroom section beginning this Fall. Ricky calls it math for dummies! I don't know about the dummy part, but it is my most popular class and it usually fills to capacity every time I offer it. I'm also teaching it after Quilting in the Garden for Alex Anderson's "retreaters". (The class is also open to the public.)
This may be just the nudge you need to sign up for the class. When we don't have enough who sign up, we miss fantastic opportunities. As the web liaison, I've looked at her blog. She has some amazing information to share with our guild. While she doesn't have a sample quilt, she does have some amazing tricks to teach us. Please contact our Workshop Chair and get signed up for this delightful exploration of techniques. You'll be amazed at what tricks of the trade you will learn.
Lynn will be at our show in November - let's show her a very warm welcome in August. And I don't mean the outside temperature!

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