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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heading for the summer months

While most folks are heading for the summer months and vacations, our guild is heading for another fun packed summer.

We head into May with a visit from Linda Ballard. Linda is a California quilter with an amazing talent. If you've not seen her quilts before, this is a must see. She will be teaching Thursday at Honey Run Quilts inside Cathy's Sew & Vac during the day. Then she'll have dinner with some of our guild members before treating us to a trunk show of some of her fantastic quilts. On Friday, our guild members will be learning from her at a workshop how to put together MacKenzie's Square. This is a two fabric quilt and looks sensational!

This is the sample picture that is on her website and as one who will be taking this workshop, I have to say I love it! I am sure that she will have many others to share that are just as stunning. Please come and enjoy the fun.

June sees us setting up for our Community Sew Night. We get together in small groups and get stitching up several quilt tops that will end up finished by someone at home to be counted among the many quilts we donate around the community. We always have room for more! We welcome visitors who wish to help us create. Even if you don't want to sew, we need folks who will press or just sit and chat with our members. It's an opportunity for those who might want to join our guild to get to know some of the members.

July will be our anniversary potluck where will have a fantastic spread put on by ourselves. There is not a planned speaker that night, but there may be some surprises. We laugh, we tell stories, we visit. Another opportunity to come and join in the fun of our guild. A chance to meet our members and enjoy a fun evening.

August, while it can be hot, is another fun night for our guild. We have a speaker and will be hosting a 2 day workshop. Stay posted for more updates.

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