Members and friends, welcome to our website! We are a vibrant, friendly and varied group of almost 200 quilters and quilt artists who have been sharing quilts, talent and camaraderie since 1981. There are monthly meetings, most of them with special speakers, quilt related activities, and show and tell. We have quilt shows every other year, and lots of quilt-ins, challenges, round robins, and community service projects, along with an impressive library for our members - something for everyone! As you navigate this website, you will see some of our work, check out our schedule, and share our accomplishments. If you are interested in quilting, please join us the first Thursday of the month for our Guild Meeting. We love to meet visitors and will make you feel at home!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Heading toward a New Year

Our guild is heading toward a new year. We are going to be celebrating our Challenge quilts in December. Rumor has it there are some spectacular quilts being turned in. They will be up for your viewing pleasure and you may certainly like more than one. In years past, the Challenge quilts have represented a wide variety of quilt mediums and a whole lot of talent. Come see for yourself!

We will be having food treats and lots of fun. The wall of community service quilts will be up for all to view. It's quite an enjoyable meeting. Come join us and learn about our guild. We'd love to see you and maybe we can convince you to stay and join our guild.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

October fun

October is coming and we are thrilled to have Ronda Mensching from Honey Run Quilters to provide a preview of what Honey Run Quilters is going to be doing in 2015. She went to Houston Market and ordered some hot new fabrics, patterns and tools that will soon arrive to tease our creative juices and get us quilting when the weather turns to fall and the winter.

She has some plans for upcoming classes and other fun projects. She tells us there are many wonderful things on the horizon and we will be the first to know. So, pack up your friends and join us for an informative evening at guild on October 2nd. Rumor has it Ronda may bring a friend or two along to help spread the news.

We'll see you at guild and remember that for those working on the Challenge Quilt, it is due  November 6th. If you haven't started, you still have time. If you finished, congratulations. The Challenge Quilts will be shown in December at our Christmas meeting. Let's show off - make this the best yet.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sad News and an invite

It is with a sad heart that the guild announces the cancellation of the Gee's Bend Quilters in October. Due to many factors outside our control, we are making the heart breaking decision to change our October program. Our Vice Presidents will be working hard to bring us a new speaker and a new workshop. Your sadness will turn to joy at that time.

We hope you will continue to watch our web pages to see what new and exciting things happen. At our July Guild meeting, we introduced a full slate of officers for the next guild year. Hopefully all will be in attendance to vote in August and then be at the board meeting for the transition. It's always a joy to have willing guild members for all of our offices. Please take time to wish them the best and sign up to help on a committee. There will be openings announced at our August meeting and we would really like to see them all filled. This past year we had some that were left vacant and the guild really felt the pinch.

Please come join us for August when we welcome Peggy Gelbrich and her Montana Cartwheel pattern for the workshop. An amazing quilt to see. If you missed the quilt at our July guild meeting, you will see it again in August.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's our Birthday!

July is our Birthday! We are going to celebrate July 3rd, with good food, potluck, and great fellowship. We are hoping to have a program on the history of the guild - so if you know where it's kept, let our program VP's know. Last I heard, they had not located it.

Sometimes we play crazy games, sometimes we just enjoy the evening. It will be a chance to start off your July 4th weekend with friends and laughter. Come see what we're all about and see if you would like to sign up for the next guild year that starts in September. We'd love to have you!.

We will have a short meeting as there is always some business to attend to. Our board is working on getting a new slate of officers to be elected and take over come September. If you are looking to get involved, please say so. We can't possibly know if you want to be president if you don't tell us. We have lots of members and someone must be interested in taking on an office. I've held several and this year due to other commitments, I'm only doing this web page. Step up and help our guild.

We have a fantastic lineup coming this fall and we hope you will be there to enjoy. August brings Peggy Gelbrich who will present "Life Through Quilts" and a workshop with a paper pieced pattern. September is June Jaeger who is a well known quilter from Oregon who frequently works with appliqued animals. If you've never seen her work, it's a must see. October brings Gee's Bend quilters from Alabama. This will be a ticketed meeting - you must have a ticket to attend! We are looking forward to a full house for the guild meeting and the workshops. November Sandy Klop, American Jane designer, will thrill us with her quilts and a workshop with 3 different patterns. December will be our Christmas meeting with all kinds of sugary treats for dessert. We have a block exchange and a short meeting. Some show and tell of Christmas quilts and a good time.

Our quilt show folks are gearing up for our November 2015 show. Hopefully our members are also gearing up and getting some fantastic quilts ready to show off at the quilt show. Stay tuned and see what marvelous things will be coming our way in 2015!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Community Sew Night

Yep, it's just around the bend - our annual Community Sew Night is June 5th. We get together in groups - if you don't have one, we'll find you one - and make quilt tops for community service. It's a fun night and the tops are amazing. We have kits available if you need one or maybe your group has a favorite quick pattern to stitch up in wonderful colors.

This is a picture from our 2011 community service wall of quilts. You can see the different fabrics, the different patterns, you only see a few of the hundreds of quilts that get made each year by our guild.

This should give you a start, an idea of what you could do for our guild. Attend the Sew Night and while you are helping to make quilts, you will have a great time and learn more about the members. We have a great time and it's good fun. We laugh, we chat, we snack, we laugh some more. We get the tops done and then we measure out the batting for the quilts we've made so we can finish them and turn them in at the next guild meeting. So sign up and bring your fabric, your sewing machine, your energy and your smile. Let's make another great batch of community service quilts and make ourselves proud.

The doors will be open at 6:30pm and you can get settled into your groups and get stitching. There will be a short meeting at 7pm and then you can get back to sewing.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reminder - Back home for May and beyond

REMINDER - We are returning to the Masonic Lodge for our regularly scheduled meetings. 1110 W. East Ave., Chico, CA.

Our May meeting, May 1,  will be a walk back to the Civil War. Arlene Arnold is a delightful "southern belle" and she will be sharing her extensive civil war quilt collection. She will also be offering a workshop on Friday, so be sure to check out the details with the Workshop Chairs, Michelle and Gail. And if you didn't get signed up, call and see if they still have room. this block is very versatile and Arlene is excited to play all day with us.

We are having another Community Service Sew Day at Ord Bend, May 17If you haven't attended one of these, take the time. They are great fun; an old fashion quilting bee with a fabulous pot luck lunch. We make amazing progress on meeting our community service commitments and have a great time in the process. Come sew, eat well and visit. It's an opportunity to share with your guild members and know you are contributing to our community. See calendar for directions.

This nice weather reminds us that many are soon to be off with summer plans. Before you go, check out the workshops coming up in summer and fall. You will want to get signed up before they fill! August is Peggy Gelbrich on Paper Piecing and September is June Jaeger, a designer using applique and piecing.

Also, looking forward to our quilt show, November 7 & 8, 2015, see where you can help out. Suzanne is great to work with, so give her a call. There are still lots of positions to help with. Grab a friend and add your name to the list of quilt show worker bees.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Change in April meeting place

Everyone, listen up, pay attention! We are going to be holding our April 3rd meeting at the Elks' Lodge. There is a calendar conflict at the Masonic Hall that date.

So again, we will be at the Elks' Lodge on Manzanita Ave. for our April 3rd meeting. That's the Elks' Lodge for April 3rd. 1705 Manzanita.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update on Changes

Okay, folks, we've already managed to fill the May guild speaker and workshop. Arlene Arnold will be our speaker. She is known as a dynamic and entertaining speaker. She has many stories and civil war quilts to share with us. So put on a happy face and come join us. There will be a workshop, but details are still in the works. As soon as they are available, they will be put into the calendar section where they belong.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Changes in Calendar

Hello All -
We've had a change in our calendar. We have been informed that Nancy Brown will NOT be at our guild in May. She has pulled out of everything for the year due to family obligations. We wish her well and have high hopes she will soon be back to quilting and speaking at guilds.

Best of wishes to you, Nancy Brown, from all the members of Annie Star Quilt Guild.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time Really Flies Fast

Time really does fly fast when one is having fun. Our January meeting, our February meeting - both past tense. We had so much fun we forgot the world. We must rectify that!

February's Guild meeting had Don Linn, Mr. Quilt, as a speaker. We found out he has done some traditional patterns. Actually has made them. He did a great presentation on how he designs his quilts. I would never have thought about doing it his way. If you ever get the chance, invite him to your guild meeting. It's hoped that those who attended his workshop the next day will be bringing in their quilts for show and tell.

March will be Judy Mullen who is an artist of both garments and quilts. We can find no website for her, but there are articles out there on the awards she has received. Her topic for our guild meeting will be "Wearable Art for Every Day Life" which makes one wonder what we will see. Not to mention the possibilities out there.

April brings us Rob Appell who is known for his love of the ocean which he blends in with his quilts.

May is Nancy Brown who does appliqued animals that look so real you feel they are live and touchable.