Members and friends, welcome to our website! We are a vibrant, friendly and varied group of almost 200 quilters and quilt artists who have been sharing quilts, talent and camaraderie since 1981. There are monthly meetings, most of them with special speakers, quilt related activities, and show and tell. We have quilt shows every other year, and lots of quilt-ins, challenges, round robins, and community service projects, along with an impressive library for our members - something for everyone! As you navigate this website, you will see some of our work, check out our schedule, and share our accomplishments. If you are interested in quilting, please join us the first Thursday of the month for our Guild Meeting. We love to meet visitors and will make you feel at home!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another change in plans

Okay, we've had another change in plans for our February 7th guild meeting. Kitty will not be able to attend, but Judy Johnson has agreed to do a trunk show. Come support another of our own guild members by attending. See you there!

Monday, February 4, 2013

February speaker

Good News!  Our speaker for February 7th will be our own Kitty Pippen. She will be doing a trunk show and if you've not seen any of her work, this is a must see evening. Kitty frequently does pattern testing for her daughter, Sylvia Pippen, and the quilts are gorgeous. Come share in the enjoyment of the evening.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Meeting

Due to serious illness, Nancy Brown will not be attending out guild meeting February 7th. We will have a surprise speaker instead. Our VPs are working hard on this and know we all wish Nancy the best of recoveries. For those who signed up and paid for the class, your checks will be returned at our guild meeting. Please see the Workshop Bettys to get your check back.

To Nancy Brown, please get over whatever nasty illness you have and get better. We will miss you and your quilts. To our guild members, please send lots of warm quilty thoughts to make Nancy get better.

Our quilt show page will start to be updated in the next few weeks. We will have a listing of where the quilt will be along with a bit about the quilt itself. Make sure you as a guild member get your tickets to sell. This is a gorgeous quilt that all of us will want to win for our own.

See you at quilt guild!