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Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Christmas Block exchange

Okay - we did it! We had a larger turnout for our Christmas block exchange then in years past. We put them all on the wall and then got to choose our favorite block. The three top winning votes were awarded a nice little certificate. Those blocks were as follows:

 This one is the first place winner. Lovely tree - looks like maybe it was done on a windy day!

The Gingerbread house is the second place winner. What a great pattern for the Christmas season.

The third place winner is this lovely set of four trees.
You can see what you missed by not being at the meeting December 6th. These were just three of eighteen that were in the exchange.  Start thinking on what you could be making for next year. It was overheard at the guild meeting by the webmaster that one member has already started her block for next year.
See you next year with exchange blocks in hand!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge

Our 2012 UFO Challenge will come to an end on Dec. 6th at our guild meeting. So far, we have had a good number of quilts turned in. Will we make the goal of finishing 665 quilts? Probably not. Have we made a good attempt? DEFINITELY!!!!

As a guild, we encourage you to finish those quilts. Maybe you will finish your own personal list by Dec. 6th. If so, congratulations. If not, we will cheer you on as you continue to work. Maybe a goal can be set of finishing one quilt off this 2012 UFO Challenge list per quarter while working on new projects and that way they will get finished. Since we are coming in on a quilt show in less than a year, pick something from your list to finish for the show.

This is also a reminder to guild members that our December 6th meeting is our Christmas meeting. If you are planning on participating in the Christmas Block exchange, remember the block needs to be 12 1/2 inches square unfinished. Wrap it around a paper towel core and then put Christmas paper/cloth around it and tie with pretty bows. Remember, if you make one for the swap and one for yourself, you will have a Christmas quilt in no time.

See you all at the Guild meeting.

Monday, October 8, 2012

UFOs and Paint Chip Challenges

Goodness gracious! Our UFOs are slowly coming in. This month we only had 7 quilts turned in. Does this mean we are close to finishing? Or have we gotten lazy at turning them in? This month the drawing for most quilts was won by Judy Brillhart. The drawing for turning in at least one was won by Betty Dimmitt. Come on, folks! Let's get those quilts done.

Now, to the Paint Chip Challenge quilts. We had 60 members sign up for it and we had 48 lovely quilts turned in and on display. There were four categories for winners. Best use of color, best traditional, best contemporary, and viewer's choice. Yes, each quilt had an opportunity to win and our ballot counting folks said that each quilt got at least one vote. Pictures will follow.

So, now we move on to our next "challenge" which will be the Christmas block. Are you participating?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

UFOs and Paint Chip Challenge

Okay - We seem to be slowing down on the number of UFOs we are turning in. Does that mean we are close to finishing that list? Are we going to finish, as a group, 665 quilts? We only had 8 finished quilts this time from 3 of our participants. Frances Perata won the drawing for most turned in at 3 done. She got a package of batting from Honey Run. Judy Johnson who also had 3 turned in won the other prize which is a $10 gift certificate from Shubert's.

Our Paint Chip Challenge quilts were due at our September 6th meeting. The stack of quilts turned in was a nice stack. I can hardly wait to see them all. They will be on display at our October 4th guild meeting. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in viewers' choice. Plan on taking your camera with you so you can take photos of all the fantastic quilts that will be on display.

See you October 4th!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thom Atkins and UFOs

Clever title!

Okay, first - there are openings in the Thom Atkins classes. See one of the Bettys to sign up. If you are not a guild member and wish to take one of these classes, please send us an email and it will be forwarded to one of our workshop sign up folks.

Now for the fun stuff!  We are still "knocking off" quilts from our UFO Challenge listings. At our August 2nd meeting, our members crossed off (completed) 20 more quilts. You should see some of these quilts - they run a very wide gamut of styles, sizes and patterns. Some have been hanging around their owner's quilting room for years. Some are more recent. Some are from classes, some from books, some from a magazine, some from a pattern "I just liked and picked up back in.......".  Marilyn Knox won the evening prize (goodies bag) from Morning Star for having finished the most this past month. Frances Perata won a goodies bag from Debbie's Quilt Shop for having at least one completed this month.

Let's see, if we start tallying up how many quilts have been finished, we should hopefully all be at least half way done with our list. Maybe next month, we can put a grand total up for you to see how well we are doing.

See you at our guild meeting Sept. 6th. We will be turning in our paint chip challenge quilts. They will all be 24 inches square with bindings, labels, and hanging sleeves. They should be the talk of the guild when we show them off in October! Is yours ready?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ASQG Birthday Night

For those of you who missed it - we had a very nice birthday night! Our tables were decorated with a fabric flag under a vase of fresh garden flowers. A big thank you to Missy Carpenter for getting the "birthday" cake donated! It was a marvelously flavored cake and very moist. It was a Neapolitan cake which means we had our choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. And yes, there were bits of strawberry in that section.

We had 5, yes I said 5, members of the UFO Challenge turn in a total of 22 quilts finished. The drawing winners for the evening were Cindy Green who got a dinner at Hula's and Frances Perata who got needles, thread & fabric from Rabbit Hole Quilt Shop. How are your UFOs coming? We are slowly getting that number of over 600 quilts turned in whittled down. Cathryn Hepburn & Frances Perata each gave a brief encouraging talk explaining how they are getting theirs done. Cathryn said she set a goal of getting them done and keeps that in mind. Frances said she's retired and has nothing else to do - this got a big laugh from the members present.

We learned that the two classes that will be taught by Thom Atkins are both full with waiting lists. This is a very good sign for our quilt guild. Congratulations to the members who signed up making this happen!

Our next meeting in August will be a regular meeting. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

UFOs and Community Service

For those who attended our community service sewing meeting, a big thank you! We had some very busy members stitching away and there are many quilts coming out of this. Some did small quilt tops, some did big quilt tops, and then there's the bunch of quilt tops in the middle size range.

You don't know what you're missing when you don't come. Some groups got more than one top done. The patterns and the colors were amazing!

For those participating in the UFO challenge, we had another good night of turned in quilts. We had 7 people who turned in 19 finished projects. This means they are getting their lists whittled down. Most completed for June 7 turn in was by Frances Perata who won a Fusion T Bar gift card. The drawing for the rest who finished at least one was a gift basket of notions from Cathy's Sew and Vac which was won by Cathryn Hepburn.

Members who joined in the UFO Challenge, we ARE taking finishes at our July 5 meeting. Remember they need to be totally finished and that includes a label. Our UFO Challenge leaders are anxious to see that huge listing we presented them with completed by year's end. Are you going to help us with that goal? How many of you will finish your list?

Our UFO Challenge leaders would like to hear from those who are consistently turning in quilts. They would love to hear how you stay inspired, hear encouragement given to others, and just some in general "how-to-get-'em-done". Talk with our leaders and see what you can do to encourage those who have not gotten quite as far.

See you in July!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Community Sew

Greetings to all! June 7th is our community sew night and all guild members, or those who might like to join in the fun, are invited to come. We have groups of people who come together and make up quilts tops for community service. Have you arranged your group? Do you have a pattern picked out? Will you be the first group to finish? Will you make more than one?

Come on and join the fun. We have a great time. Lots of laughter, sewing machines buzzing right along, and you could be a part of the fun. This is the night we've all been waiting for. Take a break from whatever you're doing and help us make our guild proud.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Barbara Shapel's workshop May 4-5

Hello! We have changed the supply list for Barbara's workshop to be the 2 day class supply list rather than the 1 day list. If you have printed the first one, please go back and print the 2 day list. It does differ in what is required. We'd like you to be prepared for the class, not surprised.

Hope all will attend the meeting on May 3rd to hear Barbara Shapel's lecture.

Till then, happy quilting.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

May 4-5 Workshop

It has been announced that our May 4-5 workshop with Barbara Shapel is now open to interested quilters who are not members of our guild. This promises to be a fantastic class. It's a thread painting class and the pattern chosen is of a Blue Heron. If you are interested in taking this class, please send an e-mail to our guild and you will be contacted on how to register for the class. For non-members the cost will be $105 for the two day class plus the cost of the pattern ($16).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The UFOs are becoming finished

Wow! What a night we had! We added more finished quilts from our UFO Challenge. We had a tie for most points, 6 each,  between Ginger Wenner and Judy Noble. Since there was only one "prize" for the most points, a drawing was held to see who would get the prize. Ginger won the drawing and received a box of See's Candy. Phoebe WInters won the drawing for those of the rest of us who finished quilts. She got a $10 gift card from T-Bar Tea and Fusion Cafe'.

While we are using a point system, 2 points for large quilts, 1 point for small projects, we still have a large number of quilts to make. We had only 11 of our 34 participants turn in completed quilt projects this time. We are showing them during show and tell each month and generating some gentle competition amongst ourselves. We are going to see if as a group, we can finish those 665 quilts! Can you imagine finishing that many in a year? 

Please visit these fine businesses as a thank you for allowing us to use their names when we award prizes. We all have to support each other and while we are making quilts, they are helping our economy by staying in business.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

UFO projects

Our UFO challenge is up and going!!  We have a total of 34 participants in this year's challenge and, are you ready for this?, a total of 665 quilting projects to be finished. Absolutely amazing!  

We are being assigned points for our quilts and there are "prizes" being awarded.  We get one point for small quilts and two points for large ones. For each quilt finished off your UFO list, you get an entry into a drawing for the evening. Wonder how many points will be earned over this next year? Stay tuned. February saw a total of 41 points from 14 of our participants. That tells you we've been busy since January.

Our co-chairs for this year's UFO challenge have been involving the community to get donations, which gives both the donating business and the guild publicity. At our February 2nd meeting we had prizes donated from Hula's Chinese BBQ and Honey Run Quilters. The lucky participants are Judy Johnson for most points, most quilts finished, who received the dinner from Hula's and Judy Noble won the drawing for having finished at least one quilt and received the batting donation.

So, we are now looking forward to March to see what donations our co-chairs Lynne & Gail will have for us.

Our challenge is finish our quilts. Can you imagine 34 people finishing 665 quilts in a year? We will see if it gets accomplished.

Stay tuned!